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Training Center

The Techie Parents Club trains parents to use devices and tools that their child uses at their school to enhance learning. This club helps parents get involved in their child's education, and help them model safe, intelligent use of these devices and tools


The Gooru Squad is an afterschool club that will develop students who are highly skilled in utilizing Google Apps tools. These tools include Google Documents, Slides, Spreadsheets, Drawing, Sites, Gmail, and Calendar. Students are provided training once a week so that they can provide support to peers and teachers during school hours.

The Applet Team is an after school club that is designed to develop students who are highly skilled in utilizing Apple tools. These tools include Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie, Safari, and Garageband. Students are provided training once a week so that they can provide support to peers and teachers during school hours.

EdTech Cafe provides professional development opportunities that clarify and address immediate educational technology concerns, as well as provide teachers with new methods of effective technology integration to enhance learning. This training center also leads a learning community of teachers who collaborate with one another to identify and meet educational technology goals. Attendees will find qualified Educational Technology Specialists who have sound understanding of 21st century skills in education, and technology concepts and operations. EdTech Cafe’s main objective is to help teachers create technology-enhanced learning activities that were impossible to execute previously. In these learning activities, students perform authentic tasks that require them to communicate, collaborate, research, think critically, and gain deeper understanding of content and skills.

Learn how to program in Python with Codeacademy, an online education website for computer programmers. It is the recommended language for high school students and beginner programmers. Programming can help your students become lifelong learners by developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and creativity skills. According to, there will be “1.4 million computer science jobs available, but will only have 400,000 people qualified” to take these positions by 2023. There is a crucial need to educate our students in computer science. Check out Allen Downey’s Think Python book for more detailed information on Python.

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