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As a Google Innovator, I provide Google Apps training and professional development to educators who are interested in using Google Apps in their classrooms. In my professional development sessions, I instruct educators on how to integrate Google Apps tools effectively into curriculum and instruction to enhance students’ learning processes. This involves practical training in using Google Apps to foster student learning and assess students in academic content. I understand that there are some educators who are intimidated by technology so I try to make my training simple and engaging.

The Gooru Squad is an after school club that will develop students into highly skilled Google Apps users and trainers. These apps include Google Documents, Slides, Spreadsheets, Drawing, Sites, Gmail, and Calendar. Students are provided training once a week so that they can provide support to peers and teachers during school hours. Visit their site!


The Applet Team is an after school club that is designed to develop students into highly skilled Apple technology users and trainers. These technology tools include Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie, Safari, and Garageband. Students are provided training once a week so that they can provide support to peers and teachers during school hours.

This Minecraft training server is a safe, instructional environment where teachers, student-support specialists, and administrators can practice playing Minecraft. Members who join the server can train in exploration, gathering of resources, crafting, and the construction of structures. Players also learn how access server commands as server operators so that they can manage and control their own servers. 

The KoLAB spaces contain tools and equipment that are used to design, engineer, and manufacture products. Students are taught KoLAB etiquette (clean-up, personal space, etc.), how to use the different tools, the safety rules, and the procedures for resource management (damaged or missing items). Students need to pass a safety test before they are allowed to use a specific tool.


Currently closed!

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